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Scoots and Soul®️

Travel Buddy

Snetterton Lambretta Infill

Quality Black Vinyl

Black Automobile Piping

Inner Lined

Fuel Filler Attachment

Heavy Duty Zip Fastening

Snetterton Lambretta Seat Travel Buddy

  • Handmade in the Scoots and Soul Workshop

    Designed as an Insert for Scoots and Soul ®️ Snetterton Lambretta Seats

    Includes 1” (inch) Foam Insert

    Storage Space For Petrol Fill up Cloth

    Cloth Provided

    Strap with Press Studs to attach to Fuel Filler Cap

    Comes Water Proof Treated

    We Cannot Guarantee 100% Waterproofing Due to the Manufacturing Process

    Size Approximately

    9.2cm Width

    14.5cm Length

    6cm Depth to 3cm at Front

    * All Our Products are Handmade and Individual Therefore Might Differ from the Photograph

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