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British Handmade

Solo Lambretta Race Seat

High Quality Handmade Foam

Top of Range Black Nauga Vinyl

Black Waffle Vinyl Border

Handmade Kawasaki Piping

Straight Triple Stitch Design

Heavy Duty Kawasaki Green Cotton

Kawasaki Green Solo Race Lambretta Seat

Out of Stock
  • Lambretta Solo Race Seat for Series 1, 2 & 3

    *SEAT FIXING BOLTS are located in first two holes at the front and third set of holes along loop*

    Fiberglass Base - Bolt down

    Complimentary Nuts Provided when in Stock

    Compatible with some Non Standard Tanks

    Not For Scooters With Traditional Air Scoop

    Seats are Fitted With Waterproof Membrane

    Due To Manufacturing Process We Cannot Guarantee 100% Waterproofing

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